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June 19, 2007

Stop Biometric Social Security cards

Today’s Downsizer Dispatch . . .

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Quote of the Day:

“It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” — Sam Adams

Subject: Biometric Social Security cards

Senator Chuck Schumer wants to amend the immigration bill to require you to get a new Social Security card with biometric information imbedded in it. Creating this new card would . . .

* Cost $9 billion (before the usual government cost over-runs)
* Require the Social Security administration to hire an additional 60,000 employees
* Require you to spend time getting the new card
* Require you to give the central government sensitive personal information

In the past only criminals had to supply the state with things like fingerprints, DNA, or retinal scans. Now, if Schumer gets his way, law abiding citizens will have to do it too, just for the privilege of earning a living. Meanwhile . . .

The people this card is supposed to control will continue to live underground, work on the black market without papers, or forge documents. The real control will be over you, not them.

So why does Schumer want this Biometric Social Security card on top of the REAL ID?

It could be because the REAL ID Act is in big trouble and the politicians are looking for an alternative that doesn’t require the cooperation of state governments. After all . . .

New Hampshire just voted to NOT COOPERATE with the REAL ID requirement!

This New Hampshire decision is a big victory for our side, but a real challenge to Big Brother politicians like Schumer. Biometric Social Security cards may soon take the place of the REAL ID, unless we stop the whole thing dead in its tracks, right now.

This Biometric Social Security card is evidence that the politicians are going to come at us from all angles. If they can’t come in through the door (REAL ID), then they’ll try to come in through a window (Biometric Social Security cards). We need to use the same tactic to defeat this tactic, fighting fire with fire.

We need to attack these Big Brother proposals from all angles. That’s why we’re devoting the entire week to defeating the immigration bill. We need for you to send a new message about this each day. Every message will ask the Senate to oppose the immigration bill as a whole. But then . . .

In your personal comments we want to ask you to add a specific objection — a different one for each day. Yesterday we asked you to tell your Senators that . . .

You’ve heard rumors that earmarks are being offered in return for voting yes on the immigration bill, and you’re going to be very ANGRY if that turns out to be true. If you sent this message yesterday, thank you. If you did not, please do so now HERE.

Today, send another message, and use your personal comments to ask your Senators to oppose Senator Schumer’s Biometric Social Security Card amendment. You can do so HERE.

Tomorrow we’ll be back with another message for you to send on this issue. In the meantime, could we ask you to put in a little extra effort today, and also send a message calling for the repeal of the REAL ID Act. Tell them you know New Hampshire has refused to participate, and you think it’s time to just repeal REAL ID entirely. You can send that message HERE.

This is important because the more objections the Senate receives to national ID card schemes the more likely it is that the REAL ID Act will be repealed, that provisions related to it will be stripped from the immigration bill, and that Schumer’s Biometric Social Security Card amendment will also be defeated.

You can send your “Repeal the REAL ID Act” message HERE.

PLEASE SHARE THIS MESSAGE WITH SEVERAL OTHER PEOPLE. Almost no one is going to like the idea of a Biometric Social Security card, and we need everyone’s help to defeat them.

Finally, the Producers of “9/11 Press for Truth” have given us permission to post the video on our website, where you can watch it, and make your own evaluation of it for free. The video is posted here.

If you would like to have a “9/11 Press for Truth” DVD mailed to your home, here’s how to get it . . .

If you’re an existing monthly credit card pledger in good standing as of June 15, 2007, all you have to do is increase your monthly pledge by at least $1, and we’ll send one to you.

If you’re NOT an EXISTING monthly credit card pledger then you can start a monthly credit card pledge of at least $6, or make a one-time credit card donation of $35 or more, and we’ll send you the DVD. (Sorry, for technical reasons we cannot make this offer for PayPal pledges or donations).

You can make your contribution here.

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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