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April 14, 2015

Stop the FDA from trampling individual conscience

First they came for homeopathy, but I didn't use those remedies, so I was silent. So when the FDA banned my treatment, no one spoke for me!
Dear DC Downsizer,
Please be aware…
The FDA is threatening to crack down on homeopathy. An organization called GreenMedInfo ( came to us and asked for our help. Yesterday, they sent an action item to their subscribers, recruiting nearly 1,000 new DC Downsizers to send letters to Congress — and they join us for the first time today.
As libertarians, we consistently defend conscience and choice. Today, we're going to ask you to join them in sending a letter to Congress.

  • Ask Congress to make the FDA advisory rather than mandatory
  • Use your personal comments to tell Congress to block the FDA from any action against homeopathy

You can copy or edit the following for this purpose…

I believe personal conscience should rule in all things. This includes minority health care choices such as homeopathy. Sadly, the FDA…
* Published a “safety alert” against homeopathy ( )
* Called for hearings on April 20th. (
I want all my Congressional representatives to write the FDA a letter telling them to withdraw the alert and cancel the hearings.
I also want you to sponsor legislation that will make the FDA advisory rather than mandatory. Toward this end, please inform yourself that a 2009 survey of adverse events showed…
* 41 major adverse events with only one death for the entire spectrum of supplements including botanicals, amino acids, and vitamins
* More than 7,000 major adverse events for FDA approved drugs, including 496 deaths
This makes it very clear — we do NOT need the FDA to protect us from things like supplements and homeopathy. What we really need is protection from the FDA and their Big Pharma cronies.
Please show that you represent me, and not the FDA-Big Pharma cartel.
* Send that letter I asked you for telling the FDA to back-off homeopathy
* Sponsor legislation making the FDA advisory rather than mandatory
I will be watching what you do.

You can copy and paste this letter, or write one of your own, using using Downsize DC’s Educate the Powerful System.
NOTE: We hope to present you with a direct action for the FDA, on this matter, soon. Please stay tuned.
In the meantime, expand your power…

  1. Please forward this email to interested friends. Ask them to send a letter, like you did.
  2. Please BOTH “Like” this meme and then “Share” it on your Facebook page.


Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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