June 17, 2019

Tell President Trump to pardon Ross Ulbricht (Silk Road)

Support to pardon Ross Ulbricht (Silk Road) is growing. Be a part of it Retweet

Thanks to funding from DC Downsizers, we filed an amicus brief in the Ross Ulbricht case in early 2018 (See How YOU can help #FreeRoss Ulbricht of Silk Road).

You can quickly learn about his case from our letter to President Trump (below). You can help by sending your own version of it

Subject: Pardon Ross Ulbricht (Silk Road)

Ross Ulbricht never harmed anyone. Instead, he exercised his inalienable economic rights to serve peaceful needs. He did this by creating the Silk Road website. People all around the world used his website to overcome various prohibitions erected by politicians. This included actions like exchanging bitcoins for small amounts of contraband items such as marijuana. Sometimes it was selling a “legal” product “under the table.”

But the political class — what you call THE SWAMP – got its revenge. Ross Ulbricht is now serving TWO life sentences without parole, plus 40 years! This would be an excessive sentence for any non-violent first-time offender of mere political dictates. It is made all the worse because Mr. Ulbricht had many satisfied customers and zero victims — something prosecutors lied about in his case.

Strike a blow against THE SWAMP Mr. President. Pardon Ross Ulbricht immediately. Only you can reverse this miscarriage of justice.

If you agree, please send your own letter to President Trump…


Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka, President
Downsize DC

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