April 11, 2018

Syrian chemical attack: Don’t let the Deep State manipulate Trump

Syrian chemical attacks? Are the lies told in 2017 being repeated now? Retweet

The Military Industrial Complex used alleged chemical attacks by the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, as an excuse to lob missiles at Syrian targets in April 2017. We published our doubts that Assad was responsible for those attacks at the time. It turned out we were right!

We have a long history of being right about national security claims. Our Truth About War website predicted (prior to the Iraq war) that Saddam Hussein had no weapons of mass destruction. We were correct about that and the so-called experts were wrong. We’re able to make these accurate judgments because we know history.

The Deep State’s so-called “national security experts” are not nearly so good at making such evaluations. They have either NOT learned the lessons of history, or they purposely choose to lie. We suspect it’s a bit of both. 

The Deep State and its largest department, the Military Industrial Complex, benefit greatly from creating enemies. They use these enemies to scare Americans into surrendering their liberties and supporting their bloated budgets. But nothing said about national security by the minions of The State should be accepted at face value. Everything they say should be treated with extreme skepticism, including official reactions to the latest chemical attack in Syria.

President Trump wisely proposed withdrawing troops from Syria a few days ago. The “made-men” of the Military Industrial Complex quickly voiced objections. Then, insto presto, a Syrian chemical attack happened. Doesn’t this indicate that Trump was wrong to propose withdrawal? That’s what they want you to think. But it demonstrates nothing of the sort.

There are several things to consider…

  • We don’t know who was responsible for the attacks. We didn’t learn for sure that the Assad regime wasn’t responsible for last year’s attack until ten months later!
  • It’s even possible that U.S. agents executed the attack as a false flag, or that one or more of the terrorist groups our politicians have supported were responsible.
  • There’s no reason to think that shooting missiles help, and plenty of reasons to think it makes things worse.
  • Trump’s proposal to withdraw our troops remains the wisest policy because U.S. presence in the Middle East creates more enemies than it will ever kill.

If you agree, please visit our website to tell the president. You can send or personalize the letter to the president you’ll find there.

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