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February 5, 2009

Technical Help Wanted

Quote of the Day:The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants” — Thomas Jefferson

Subject: Hitting Reboot in our Tech Department

From, Jim Babka, President…

Dramatic changes have come about at Downsize DC in our technical department. The team we started November with, is now all gone. We’re excited by the opportunity to reboot.

This means we have a part-time job opening, plus several consultant-style positions available, all related to our web-sites and back-end programming.  

Let me say up-front that, 

a) we prefer people who are DC Downsizers for these positions
b) no one gets rich working here

Allow me to introduce our brand new IT Director, Rick Wiggins, to explain who we’re looking for.

From, Rick Wiggins, IT Director…

All positions are work from home, generally flex-time positions.

All applicants should send a resume or description of themselves, including their compensation expectations. First calls will be placed to those who include their pay requirements. 

Must have extensive experience with OO PHP programming and PostGres databases. Must have experience with the UNIX/Linux operating system. Must have extensive knowledge of Smarty Templates, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and MVC architectures. Experience with MySQL and AJAX preferred.

Primary roles will include:

* Chief “fireman” — When we have an emergency, the Chief Programmer is the guy or gal “on call,” and needs to be available at a moment’s notice.
* Database updates — The Educate the Powerful System (EPS) requires periodic changes or updates in the Congressional tables.
* Tech support — Some tech support issues are outside the ordinary, and need the expert assistance of the programmer.
* System integration — As you’ll see below, we will have programmers building tools for the site, and there will be both planning before and integration after those programmers have done their work.

Typical work week is 8-10 hours, with some weeks going as high as 15. The position is usually flex-time, except for emergencies which require immediate availability. This is a staff position, and withholding is provided.

To apply, please email


Must have extensive experience with OO PHP programming and PostGres databases.  Must have experience with the UNIX/Linux operating system.  Must have extensive knowledge of Smarty Templates, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and MVC architectures. Experience with MySQL and AJAX preferred.

Both and the Downsize DC Foundation intend to build lots of tools for their users in the coming years. Programmers will have, 

* The opportunity to bid on projects distributed by the IT Director, and/or…
* To create smaller tools on a volunteer basis. If you’re a programmer that thinks something is missing from the site, we’d love to hear from you. We could probably use your help.

Programmers will build some of the most exciting new enhancements to our sites — you might even build a history-making tool that causes explosive growth.

To apply, please email


Looking for someone who has more professional experience than a beginner, but less experience than an expert. There is very little design-work included in this position — perhaps some page layout. Most of the work will involve posting new campaigns on the site, and the insertion text and images on either the Downsize DC Foundation site or the site.

This position typically requires 2-8 hours per MONTH, and has some hurry-up and wait rhythm. For example, new campaigns, which take 45-90 minutes to put up, are frequently not ready until the night before their launch. Most other projects are flex-time.

The webmaster position can be a great line and reference on your resume. And the webmaster will see new Downsize DC initiatives first.

To apply, please email

Thank you for your interest and support of Downsize DC.  

P.S. If you can’t help move and grow the Downsize DC Army by fulfilling one of these roles, please consider helping us do direct marketing outreach with a generous donation or monthly pledge. 

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