August 29, 2019

Beta test our new system, Phase 1

We need your help once again! Today we want to test our new system.

Please recall that we are in the process of…

  1. Launching a new strategy and brand – #dwnsz Statesploitation
  2. Installing new congressional communications software that empowers YOU
  3. Creating a fresh website to go along with these changes

First, we said goodbye to the Downsizer-Dispatch and the Downsize DC Army strategy.

Then, we explained how our new “statesploitation” strategy which deals with the CAP (Collective Action Problem). If you missed that memo or need a reminder, it’s title on our blog is Would YOU vote to *terminate* the Income Tax tomorrow?

Our goal is to get others to use this term, statesploitation.

Our movement has dozens of organizations already makes wonderfully-researched, intellectual arguments. Instead, we’re creating an “emotional hashtag.”

People should feel the gut-level truth about tax-funded programs!

We’re testing each new component as it’s ready. Our first BETA TEST was of this email newsletter. That included a “warm up” process. We’re pleased to report that this process…

  • Cleaned up our list a bit, and resulted in a newsletter open rate as high as anything we’d seen in two years!
  • Provided us a ton of encouraging feedback. We’ll be sharing some of it, soon.

Speaking of that feedback… I still haven’t gotten back to all of you (especially those that seemed to require detailed feedback). But I’ve read each email sent. Thank you.

TODAY’S BETA TEST is the first thing our new system will do for you – send letters to Congress. The form is embedded in our old website. You’ll notice below that already using our new statesploitation messaging!

Statesploitation is politics for plunder. One Subject Act fights back! Retweet

Common thieves exploit their victims. Politicians do the same thing on a grand scale. They statesploit! Dig their M.O. (criminal method of operation)…

  • They give big benefits to “clients.” Those clients then have the politicians’ back.
  • They disperse the costs among all taxpayers, who then have little incentive to fight any given statesploitation.

The majority leaders in each chamber of Congress are the gang bosses. They even statesploit their underlings. They make rank-and-file members of Congress vote for bills they hate by combining them with bills the members think they can’t oppose.

This means the gang bosses have all the power, and your reps have none!

We are effectively ruled by just a handful of people in Congress. Here’s how we change all this…

TEST our new system. Send a letter urging your reps to co-sponsor Downsize DC’s One Subject at a Time Act (HR 2240, sponsored by Russ Fulcher [R-ID]).

Fight statesploitation by congressional gang bosses

Thank you,

Jim Babka, President
Downsize DC
#dwnsz Statesploitation!

Today’s Action: Send letter to your reps about OSTA

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