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September 30, 2009

The Gun Email Hoax

You may have received an email about dangerous gun bills “S.B. 2099.” and “H.R. 45.”

We will not reprint that message here because we don’t want it copied-and-pasted, and then circulated some more. We are frequently asked about these bills. Here is our response…

1) There’s no such thing as SB-2099. That’s not the United State’s Senate’s numbering system. A bil that would have taxed handguns under bill number S.2099 died in the Senate nine years ago.  The National Rifle Association issued a statement on this rumor here.

2) There’s no current proposal in Congress, at all, to require you to report your guns on your 1040, let alone pay a tax on them.

3) H.R. 45 is not Obama’s bill, but rather that of Bobby Rush, an Illinois Democrat, who introduced the bill at the beginning of the present Congress (January 6). It still has not a single co-sponsor, and thus is going nowhere.

4) What is left unreported by these scary hoax emails is that former DNC Chairman Howard Dean is pro-gun, as is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has supported and sheltered three pro-gun pieces of legislation through Senate in 2009. In addition, a coalition of 65 Congressional Democrats wrote an open letter to the current President telling him that if he re-introduced the assault weapons ban that a) they would be part of the opposition, and b) that they believe he would be doing serious harm to the Democratic Party’s agenda if he did it anyway. 

There are, however, state legislators and mayors around the country who would like to impose the terrible controls like the ones outlined in the hoax email. This message only refers to the federal hoax.

It is good to be vigilent. Credibility demands we be accurate and modest.

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