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September 30, 2009

What was not heard at the “Audit the Fed” hearing

Quote of the Day:

“It has been argued that full disclosure of details of funding facilities like TALF and PDCF, that enabled massive bailouts of Wall Street, would damage the financial position of those firms and destabilize the economy. In other words, if the American people knew how rotten the books were at those banks and how terribly they messed up, they would never willingly invest in them, and they would fail. Failure is not an option for friends of the Fed. Therefore, the funds must be stolen from the people in the dark of night. This is not how a free country works. This is not how free markets work. That is crony corporatism and instead of being a force for economic stabilization, it totally undermines it.” — Congressman Ron Paul

Subject: What was not heard at the “Audit the Fed” hearing

The Federal Reserve has manufactured and spent hundreds of billions of dollars to bail out and prop-up irresponsible financial firms. These firms have received huge benefits at your expense, but . . .

You’re not allowed to know who got how much, and under what terms. This information was NOT heard at the hearings about the “Audit the Fed” bill. Therefore, the only way to learn the answers is to . . .

Audit the Fed!

Please use our Educate the Powerful System to send Congress another letter demanding that they pass the Audit the Fed bill.

Use your personal comments to say something similar to what I’ve said in my own letter to Congress . . .

The “Audit the Fed” hearings proved that the Federal Reserve will not reveal its activities without an audit. A majority of the House has co-sponsored the Audit the Fed bill. This leads me to wonder what dark forces are keeping it from coming to a vote. I elected you to represent me, so please do your job. Force the leadership in the House and Senate to bring this bill to a vote! You must lead your “so-called” leaders. Make it happen! I URGE YOU TO DO IT NOW!

You can send your letter here.

Share this message with others. Digg it on our blog so more people will see it. Spread the word on Twitter and Facebook. Audit the Fed!

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