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June 17, 2010

The Healthcare Fraud: You Must Remove the Sanction of the Victim

Are politicians and the government above the law? If not, then a crime has been committed. Actually, our politicians and our government commit many crimes, daily. But today’s message is about the recently passed healthcare bill, and the crime of fraud.

The sample letter to Congress explains the issue. You may borrow from, or copy it, to send your own letter to Congress:

Here it is . . .

What I write below applies specifically to those politicians who voted for the big healthcare bill, but the overall charge I make about lying, hypocrisy, and fraud, applies to all politicians generally.

I want to draw your attention to the following story from the Washington Post:

This news report informs us that vast numbers of Americans will have to change their health insurance policies, despite repeated promises from the President, and other politicians, that this wouldn’t happen.

When a business does something similar — selling one thing, but delivering another — you politicians rush to the TV cameras, calling for investigations, new laws, new regulations, and prison sentences for CEOs. 

Well . . . shouldn’t you politicians go to jail for the fraudulent way you sold the healthcare bill (or the war in Iraq, or a host of other things)? 

What’s even worse is that I have no choice but to submit to your fraud. If Walmart or Microsoft lie to me, or even disappoint me, I can take my business to Target or Kmart or Apple or Linux, but I have no such choice with you.

I am prohibited, by threats of State violence, from buying my health insurance outside of your rigged system. Neither can I easily fire you in order to gain representation that will restore my freedom. To make that happen . . .

* I must first gain the agreement of a majority of my fellow voters,
* And even then I’m limited to just one choice for your replacement — another lying politician from the rival political gang.

So it seems that I’m really left with only the following remedies . . .

* I can assert my Constitutional right to petition you for a redress of grievances,
* And remove my consent to be governed by you, without which your actions have no just power.

Please be aware, in case you couldn’t tell, that I am aggrieved, and here is the redress I seek . . .

* Take immediate action to repeal the big healthcare bill.
* Start obeying your Oath of Office by restricting your actions to the enumerated powers permitted to you by the Constitution.

Barring these actions I withdraw my consent to be governed by you.


You can send your own letter to Congress using’s Educate the Powerful System:

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Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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