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June 16, 2010

Fed Audit Conference Committee TODAY

The House-Senate Conference Committee meeting on the Frank-Dodd financial reform bill is going on RIGHT NOW (Wednesday, June 16) and is scheduled to negotiate the final form of the Audit the Federal Reserve provision.

The House bill contains the much stronger provision to audit the Fed, introduced by Ron Paul and Alan Grayson.  We urge you to contact Congress telling them to insist on the House version as opposed to the weaker Senate provision.

Senate Democrats – Chris Dodd (CT), Blanche Lincoln (AR), Charles Schumer (NY), Jack Reed(RI), Tim Johnson (SD), Tom Harkin (IA), Patrick Leahy (VT)

Senate Republicans – Richard Shelby (AL), Bob Corker (TN), Mike Crapo (ID), Judd Gregg (NH), Saxby Chambliss (GA)

House Democrats – Barney FrankHoward Berman, Leonard Boswell, John Conyers, Elijah CummingsPaul KanjorskiMary Jo KilroyLuis GutierrezGregory MeeksDennis Moore,Carolyn MaloneyGary Peters, Collin Peterson, Bobby Rush, Heath Shuler, Edolphus Towns,Nydia VelazquezMaxine WatersMelvin WattHenry Waxman

House Republicans – Spencer Bachus, Scott Garrett, Jeb Hensarling, Edward Royce, Joe Barton, Judy Biggert, Shelley Moore Capito, Sam Graves, Darrell Issa, Frank Lucas, Lamar Smith

The Congressmen in BOLD are not cosponsors of H.R. 1207 or S. 604, the original Fed Audit bills. The ones in light print ARE sponsors.

Please send a letter to Congress telling them to favor the House version. I simply wrote,

“I urge you to pressure members of the Financial Reform bill conference committee to insist on the House version of the Audit the Fed provision.”

And if your Rep. or one of your Senators is on the Committee, I urge you to call them him or her. You can find their numbers when you log in to our Audit the Fed campaign.

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