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March 21, 2016

The NSA is going to start sharing YOUR data with the police and FBI!

The NSA will share Your data with the FBI… Even with local police Retweet

The Surveillance State Repeal Act (HR 1466) currently has 15 co-sponsors. It’s a great bill. It would…

  • Prohibit the government from requiring that your electronic devices and software have surveillance “back-doors”
  • Mandate that the FISA courts utilize technologically competent “Special Masters” — experts who can challenge the veracity of government claims about the need for surveillance
  • Repeal the PATRIOT Act, which allowed telephone-metadata harvesting
  • Repeal much of the FISA Amendments Act, which allowed your emails to be harvested.

But these repeals don’t gut intelligence gathering. They just make it look more Constitutional. Now…

There’s even more reason to support this bill!

The NSA is going to start sharing its raw data with police and the FBI. This directly threatens you! Please take immediate action to oppose this. Write your elected reps to complain. Urge them to co-sponsor the Surveillance State Repeal Act. Copy or edit the following sample letter for your personal comments…

The New York Times reports that the NSA is set to share the raw data it collects on Americans with other intelligence agencies, including the FBI.

Incredibly, the FBI won’t need a warrant or a national-security reason to poke around in your private information. The FBI can even share what it finds with local police — bypassing the Fourth Amendment altogether!

I’m outraged that ordinary Americans could be subject to routine criminal prosecution, based on information obtained from the NSA without even a pretense of normal legal safeguards.

The NSA lies constantly about the extent of its domestic spying and who has access to its data. How many new revelations of NSA criminality will it take before you do your job and put a stop to this rogue agency’s massive invasion of our privacy and rights?

I deny consent to being spied on.and to having my personal information stored in government computers to be shared with any agency that decides to go on a fishing expedition.

You can choose to stand up for my rights, and the rights of all Americans, by becoming a sponsor of HR 1466.


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