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August 29, 2012

This is only a test


Welcome to PiratePad!

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Chris wrote this.

And wrote this from FF.


Let’s see, what do I want to do? This is Perry. I think a bullet list . . .

  • Bullet one
  • Bullet two
  • Bullet three
And then the follow up.  Well, that seemed to work. Now let’s try bold.  And italics

  • Hanging indent. Oops, it gave me a bullet I didn’t ask for. What’s the point of having the hangining indent do the exact same thing as the bullet button. That doesn’t make any immediate sense. 
I wonder what happens when you try to export an html version?

So far, except for that hanging indent strangeness this seems pretty good. I like the different author colors feature. 

I think I’l play with this some more tomorrow. See how it handles maintaining files, and various versions. 

Agreed, it happens to me in the article below… 

Can I paste something in?

People seem scared of The Other. Without The State, they fear constant victimization. 

They cry, “If men were angels, we wouldn’t need government.” But… 

Who manages and operates the machinery of State? Are not fallible humans at the levers?

These manipulators would have you believe they are Philosopher-Kings. They are educated, enlightened, and equipped to lead. But here’s the truth… 

First, politics has a certain allure. Those who crave power are attracted to this vocation. 

And those who desire power are probably the people we should most fear having it!  

Second, we know that power tends to corrupt. The more absolute this power becomes the more absolutely it corrupts. 

Stated differently, power is temptation. It’s enticement is overwhelming, particulary to people with an inherently larger than normal appetite for superiority. 

We’re not merely expecting angelic behavior from flawed mortals — it’s worse than that. We’re naively anticipating benevolence and getting avarice instead. 

The politicians may or may not start off worse than the people they govern, but they definitely end up more corrupt.

Doesn’t that describe our current situation? …no one is satisfied with the politicians, right? 

Some will suggest that we find better politicians. But, that begs questions: 

  • Will they be angels this time? 
  • Why would this time be any different from the COUNTLESS other times we’ve run this experiment? 
Better conclusions might be… 

  • “Politics” cannot make things better. 
“Politics” is hopeless. 

If “politics” is so lame, then, as much as possible, we need to start making everything less political. 

Markets provide services, choices, and opportunities. Science provides explanations. Family and friends provide support, as do the small communities we join. 

Politics seems to corrupt each of these things. 

Maybe we just don’t need the politicians. 

Maybe we’d better off without them. And…

Maybe WE would be more angelic without them.      

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