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May 14, 2015

URGENT! Do you oppose the Pentagon slush fund?

Former “deficit hawks” are using the “war budget” for a slush fund. #OCO #slushfund Re-tweet this.
Phony deficit hawks use war spending to skirt their own laws and spend your money on their pork. #OCO #slushfund Re-tweet this.
This week, Congress is considering the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).
That's where Congress skirts its own laws to spend MORE of YOUR money on THEIR pork.
If you object, please tell Congress through's “Cut Federal Spending” campaign.
You may borrow from or copy this letter…

It's bad enough that Congress still funds UNCONSTITUTIONAL, UNDECLARED wars that both destabilize the Middle East and create more enemies.
You're not even being honest in budgeting!
Many members of Congress pretended to be “deficit hawks.” You passed a budget law, to reduce deficits over a period of years, using spending caps as one of your tools.
But you PRETEND “deficit hawks” wanted to spend more on military toys and bases that need closing. You realized that…
Wars do NOT count against Defense spending caps, so…
You're INFLATING the “off the books,” war budget (Overseas Contingency Operations or OCO).
You're creating a slush fund INSTEAD OF reducing the deficit!
* At $98 billion, you want to spend $37 billion MORE than the President requested (
* This $37 billion is a SLUSH FUND you're using for non-war, Defense Dept pork
This is why I don't trust your promises to pass ten year budgets to balance the budget. Future congresses ALWAYS break the law in the years that follow.
But, right now, how does expanding OCO…
* help our nation's security?
* make us prosperous and free?
It doesn't, and I DO NOT CONSENT!
You must PASS amendments to the NDAA that would…
* bring the troops home and end ALL war spending
* force the Pentagon to live within the caps YOU passed when you were pretending to be a “deficit hawk”
Be honest for a change. Obey your own laws.
Stop wasting our money! Pay down the debt.

Send your letter here.
Downsize DC’s “Educate the Powerful System” is unique. It uses your contact information to…

  • Identify your House Rep. and your two Senators
  • Send them the messages you write
  • Confirm to them that you are a constituent, making your letter more likely to be read

Numbers matter! So FORWARD this message to people you know who are likely to agree — ask them to join you in sending a letter to Congress.
Tell your friends to choose an easy-to-remember password the first time they use our system. That will allow them to use the system repeatedly, with little effort. They can bombard their reps with instructions about how to behave.
We make that even easier by providing sample letters in our email newsletter. Tell your friends they can just cut and paste our letters, and edit them to suit their purpose.
The whole process takes only a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. And it’s FREE!
But that doesn't mean we pay no cost to create the sample letters, newsletter updates, and issue campaigns. We do all of that, plus maintain our software system, for a mere $14,500 per month.
That means we spend less in a year than most organizations do in a month, but we accomplish a lot more per dollar invested. So your individual contribution can make a real difference.  
Please consider a monthly pledge…

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer,
Jim Babka

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