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May 21, 2014

URGENT: End NDAA Kidnapping



The House is considering amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act (HR 4435) TODAY.


Please tell your Representative to amend it by repealing Indefinite Detention using's campaign.


You may borrow from or copy this letter…


You may claim that the Supreme Court has ruled that the 2012 NDAA’s “Indefinite Detention” (legalized kidnapping) provisions are “Constitutional.”


That's a lie!


What really happened…


* Journalists who had conversations with terrorists feared they could be detained without charges

* The Federal Appeals Court ruled they don’t have “standing” to sue since they haven't actually been arrested (yet)

* The Supreme Court refused to take the case and overrule the Appeals Court


The Supreme Court behaved similarly on a challenge to the FISA Amendments Act, not knowing that the Justice Department LIED to the Court! (


What can we learn from this…


* Obviously, the Administration can't be trusted

* Apparently, the Courts only trust the Administration


What the Supreme Court is REALLY saying is that I am reduced to asking for your help, despite the fact that you were the source of the problem!


Well, you're supposed to be my representative. You took an oath to the uphold the Constitution. So I'm not asking. I'm telling you to…  


Support the Smith-Broun Amendment to the 2015 NDAA. It ends indefinite detention (kidnapping) on American soil and restores due process rights for those captured.


Don't hide behind the Supreme Court! Don't fail us, as they did. Interpreting the Constitution is also YOUR responsibility. And if you think it allows arbitrary kidnapping of Americans, you don’t deserve your job.


If Congress can't even pass this amendment, how can this body claim any legitimacy? Oh yeah, it's because you have guns pointed at us. I guess we're going to find out your true character here — representative or tyrant.




Send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.


This is not a new issue for Downsize DC!  


First, we fought the passage of the 2012 NDAA, which contained the legalized kidnapping (indefinite detention) provisions. Then, we fought to nullify that law. The result was that the Commonwealth of Virginia passed a law, prohibiting the use of state resources to assist in indefinite detentions.  


The lawsuit, referred to above, was Hedges v. Obama. You may recall that our sister organization, Downsize DC Foundation, filed briefs both in the district court, where we won, and the appeals court, where we lost. Then, we asked the Supreme Court to hear the case. They simply refused to take the case, as described above. They issued no ruling.  


It is due to your support that we've been able to wage these battles. Please consider making a generous donation today. We accept cash, checks, Discover, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and Bitcoin.  


Jim Babka

President, Inc.

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