May 22, 2018

Were the Germans in WW1 the same as the Germans in WW2?

The true history of WW1 refutes every argument made for foreign intervention Retweet

We’re reviewing the history of U.S. wars in the run-up to Memorial Day. Our purpose is simple…

We want to support the troops by saving their lives! 

We can best do this by showing that U.S. politicians have always misused our soldiers – deploying them in bad ways and/or for fraudulent purposes. We pursue this goal in a series of articles that review all major U.S. wars. Each article asks you to consider the following questions…

  • Did the war defend freedom?
  • Did the war defend America?
  • Did the war make the world a better place?

Each article demonstrates that the answer is no to all three questions. We’ve pointed our subscribers to the following entries in the past two Downsizer-Dispatches…

Today’s entry is the most important in the series so far…

Did U.S. politicians support the more evil side in WW1?

Please do the following…

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  1. JackW
    Posted May 22, 2018 at 11:44 am | Permalink

    Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves. – William Pitt
    Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel – Samuel Johnson
    Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious – Oscar Wilde

    It is insanity for the clergy to preach that man must follow the 2nd great commandment, love your brother, and then immediately turn ‘round and tell him to get in the trenches and kill his brother. This is why the churches or church leaders, pastors, priests, ministers etc. were guilty in part for the slaughters of WW I and all people involved wars. Gordon L. Heath and other writers were and are correct. Though it is not just the clergy who bear responsibility for the slaughters, but also the political leaders, commercial interests and all those people that voted for and thus sanctioned those Satan possessed politicians.

    It is clear why the mainstream clergy hated the Bible Students and others who stood their ground and refused to participate in violence and refused to go along with the warmongers. The mainstream religionists were ashamed at having been caught in their duplicitous babblings. They were embarrassed because they had been exposed as sinners and apostates and so they took the commie/socialist path of lying, hate speech, shouting down and denouncing those who knew that war was wrong. We see this same tactic used today by commie/socialist Democrats or DemonKraits on all kinds of issues where they have been beaten or lost or where they just plain hate someone, such as “The Donald.” Politics is violence and we would be wise to abandon it in favor of organizational government based on voluntary contracts.

    Reference: American Churches And The First World War, edited by Gordon L. Heath, M. James Peton, Chapter 9, page 151, Bible Students/Jehovah Witnesses in the United States during the First World War

    Excerpt: From The Watch Tower September 1, 1915 by Charles Taze Russell

    Recently in Canada the Editor was astounded by the activity of the preachers there – especially those of the Church of England. One was out in khaki uniform marching through the streets with the volunteers. Asked by a college friend, “Did I see you in the ranks?” he answered, “Yes I wanted to encourage the boys.” And did you think of going to the front, to the trenches?” “Not a bit of it!” He was merely acting as a decoy [Judas Goat] to get others to the front; just as a bull which they have at one of the Chicago stockyards, meets the animals about to be slaughtered and, tossing his head in the air, becomes their leader up the gangway leading to the slaughter [abattoir]. There he knows his little niche, into which he glides and is sheltered; while the others drive and press one another forward to the slaughter.7

    6Russell, “Christian Duty and the War,” The Watch Tower, 1 September 1915, 260-61. Watch Tower Reprints, 5754-55.
    7 Ibid, 260, Watchtower Reprints, 5754

  2. JackW
    Posted May 22, 2018 at 11:46 am | Permalink

    Wilson stated that the US would make the world safe for democracy and then later Truman said that the US would be the arsenal of democracy. But the colonists detested democracy and then the1928 US Army Training Manual on Citizenship stated that those colonist believed and knew from experience that democracy leads to “mobocracy.” Indeed, make the substitution of mobocracy for democracy and the reality is revealed, i.e. “safe for mobocracy” and “the arsenal of mobocracy.”

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