May 21, 2018

Do you know Teddy Roosevelt’s role in Pearl Harbor & North Korea?

Are we still living with Teddy Roosevelt’s “big stick” approach on this Memorial Day? Retweet 

We want to change how people talk on Memorial Day. There should be NO more claims that U.S. soldiers died for freedom or to make our way of life possible. Neither assertion is true. Instead…

We want people to spend Memorial Day lamenting how badly politicians have misused the people who have served in the military and discussing how to prevent future abuse.

But your friends will need some remedial history education before this can happen. We are providing that education in seven bite-size chunks.

Yesterday we pointed you to the first article in our seven-part series: Were early U.S. wars good or bad? Today we’re promoting the second article: Did Teddy Roosevelt co-found the empire of Japan?

Please do the following…

  • Read the article.
  • Share it with your friends to give them an education.
  • Open the next email we send you to get article number three.

We’re going to put $5 into advertising this article. If you make a contribution or start a monthly pledge, we’ll increase the investment so that even more people see this article.

Thanks for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Downsize DC

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