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FINALLY, the Supreme Court will review a New Deal disaster

We might be one Justice away from defanging the administrative state Retweet Here’s your chance to potentially overturn the entire administrative state, in one Supreme Court case. This opportunity has…

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What people are saying about our military history series

Is the success of World War 2 greatly exaggerated? Retweet We run Perry Willis’ series on the history of U.S. military intervention before Memorial Day and Armistice Day (Veterans Day)….

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There would have been no Hitler minus two U.S. blunders

The Nazi Party was microscopic prior to a catastrophic U.S. blunder Retweet    We’ve been teaching some remedial U.S. history. Our objective is simple. We want… Fewer U.S. soldiers to…

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Do your friends know how U.S. politicians helped create the Soviet Union?

Americans should know: U.S. intervention in WW1 helped create the Soviet Union. Retweet U.S. politicians are very good at one thing: enemy creation. It has always been that way. The…

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Were the Germans in WW1 the same as the Germans in WW2?

The true history of WW1 refutes every argument made for foreign intervention Retweet We’re reviewing the history of U.S. wars in the run-up to Memorial Day. Our purpose is simple……

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Do you know Teddy Roosevelt’s role in Pearl Harbor & North Korea?

Are we still living with Teddy Roosevelt’s “big stick” approach on this Memorial Day? Retweet  We want to change how people talk on Memorial Day. There should be NO more…

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Do your friends need a history lesson?

Memorial Day is coming, and historical truth is once again in danger Retweet You hear people say it constantly, but especially on Memorial Day and Veterans Day…  U.S. soldiers died for…

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You have a new opportunity to overturn & repeal Obamacare

Get the misnamed Affordable Care Act declared unconstitutional Retweet The pundits predicted Obamacare would be ruled unconstitutional thanks to a 5-4 conservative majority on the Supreme Court. That 2012 ruling…

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