July 30, 2018

How to end the Federal Reserve monopoly without abolishing the Fed

This one page Ron Paul bill will end the Federal Reserve monopoly. Retweet

We want to subject Congress to more and more libertarian pressure every week. You can further that cause today by doing this… 

Action: Tell your reps to sponsor Ron Paul’s Free Competition in Currency Act.

This bill is one of our Downsize DC Agenda proposals because it’s a HUGE LEVER! Go find out how this one-page bill created by Ron Paul would…

  • Break the Federal Reserve monopoly without having to actually abolish the Fed
  • End monetary inflation and the associated boom-and-bust cycles

If you agree with our letter to Congress then send the letter, or put it in your own words.

Plus, help us recruit more people by sharing our ad for this bill on Facebook!

Progress Report

We “upped our goal” five straight weeks! Each time, we broke the “record.” Last week, we reset it to a record-breaking level again. Our goal was 250 new DC Downsizers.

We recruited 139. That’s still good news. A mere three weeks ago, that would’ve blown away our goal. Still…

Why did we miss 250? Well, we had a technical glitch. Our system still worked for you and all users. It didn’t affect you. But there were backend issues that caused us to “hold back” on the necessary promotion.

Moreover, we fell short of our July funding goals.

This is our first “down” report in six weeks. What do we do?

We reset. We determine to grow bigger and bust these numbers. Our new and reset goals are…

Help us blow those away. If not you, then who?

Thank you for being a DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Downsize DC

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