August 29, 2018

This one tiny bill will end the imperial presidency

5 pages that will disempower the President while making Congress do its constitutional job. Retweet

Today’s Action: Tell your reps to sponsor Downsize DC’s Write the Laws Act.

The Constitution gave the President few powers. Congress shucked its duties and delegated huge chunks of legislative authority to unelected bureaucrats. Those bureaucrats, who work for the President, now write most of the rules that you must obey. And… 

That disturbing reality allows the President to issue dictates on nearly every aspect of your life, with no checks or balances to get in the way.

Downsize DC’s five-page WTLA (Write the Laws Act) would change all that.

WTLA would end the imperial presidency instantly while requiring Congress to do its job. Specifically, it would…

  • Require Congress to vote on every rule you have to obey
  • Prohibit courts from enforcing rules passed in violation of this requirement

No more rules written by unelected bureaucrats!

Congress needs to be the final author of all rules, just as the Constitution intended. If you like the sound of that then tell your reps to sponsor Downsize DC’s Write the Laws Act.

Remember, your letter to Congress will be one among hundreds, whereas your vote is one among millions. Writing to Congress makes you more powerful. Do it!

And help us find more people to pressure Congress. Right now, we have an ad that’s recruiting new subscribers to this Downsizer-Dispatch. Every $2.84 is recruiting another! And last week, we added 159 new DC Downsizers — making your voice more powerful. If you were to make a monthly pledge of $16, you’d help us win five new subscribers.

Right now, we also need your one-time contribution. We’re trying to overwhelm Congress! Help us make that happen.

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Downsize DC

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