August 28, 2018

You should be powerful

You should be powerful – the Political Leverage Machine can make you so Retweet

Today’s Action: Tell your reps to sponsor Downsize DC’s Read the Bills Act

Downsize DC is about leverage — creating ideas and tools that will make you more powerful. We’ve promoted two of those ideas so far this week…

If you haven’t send messages on the above issues this month, make yourself more powerful by doing so now. Then…

Hit Congress again with another high-leverage idea, the Read the Bills Act.

Tell Congress they should have to read every word of every law they want to impose on you. You can do all of this in a matter of seconds using our PLM – Political Leverage Machine.

Our Congressional contact system is a political leverage machine because…

  • It allows you to pressure three politicians (your rep and your two senators) with just one action.
  • It can help you to find and activate some of the 30-60 million libertarians who are currently dormant — we think 10 million will be enough to create a libertarian America, but…
  • It will take far fewer people to influence Congress than replace Congress.

The math is inescapable!

  • Replacing Congress takes a majority.
  • Influencing Congress takes only a persistent minority — as the anti-immigration movement has demonstrated.


  • Your one vote (that you cast every two years) is drowned in a hundred million other ballots, whereas…
  • You can pressure Congress daily, and your letter is one among only a few hundred!

Focus on these facts! Your bi-annual vote is just one among tens of millions, while your daily letter to Congress is one among a few hundred. This makes it clear which action makes you more powerful!

Plus, you’re not doing it alone. Other DC Downsizers are doing it with you. And the more of them we recruit the more powerful your voice becomes. We’ve recruited 1,283 so far this summer (since Memorial Day), but we need your help to go faster.

Finally, think of all the time you spend debating with people online who have no power. That might be fun. But it will make you more powerful if you spend more of that time communicating with the people who actually control your life. When you use our Political Leverage Machine…

  • Your message is delivered in such a way that your reps know you’re a constituent.
  • Messages from constituents are counted and reported to the boss.
  • In our 14 years experience, we’ve repeatedly seen just 15 letters in a month lead to a customized response letter.
  • A Hill staffer (and former lobbyist) tells us that 500 contacts per month provokes a staff meeting to address the issue.

So take action now. Send your letter promoting the Read the Bills Act. And send letters about OSTA, and UCCA if you haven’t done that this month.

And help us magnify your power by recruiting more DC Downsizers. Remember what our goal is. We want to find the 30-60 million dormant libertarians and activate some of them to make you more powerful. Help fund the search. Start a monthly pledge or make a one-time donation.

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka & Perry Willis
Downsize DC

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