August 30, 2018

The last episode of the Post-Statist Review? PODCAST

Jim Babka’s Post-Statist Review, Episode #6: (four topics) Why the immigration issue is a high-priority issue for libertarians. Perry Willis joins Jim to explain. Poking holes in Corey Booker’s pledge to not take Citizens United corporate donations. Jim explains the problems with the potential Presidential candidate’s “pledge” during an interview with Gary Nolan. John McCain’s record. Includes Jim’s personal encounter with the late-Senator. Why this is the last episode of the Post-Statist Review. But is it the end of Jim’s podcasting career? Tune in to find out.

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Segment One
Why immigration should matter to libertarians

:52 Perry Willis joins Jim Babka for this segment.

2:51 The morality matters.

4:58 The legal (Constitutional) arguments.

7:30 What about “sovereignty?”

8:56 Immigration control isn’t “practical.”

10:00 Vetting theater.

11:51 An apparently necessary economics lesson.

14:00 Do immigrants steal jobs?

15:25 The social and political aspects.

16:53 “Amnesty!” And what that charge indicates about the person who utters it.

18:05 The historical facts. Immigrants “make America great.”

19:28 Why this issue is so important to libertarians?

21:23 ACTION: Give us Constitutional immigration laws

Segment Two
Corey Booker is wrong about Citizens United

22:11 Who is Jim Babka to comment on Citizens United?

25:51 – Corey Booker’s overly dramatic and misleading opposition to Citizens United. – This segment occurred August 23, on the Gary Nolan Show

28:52 – Jim explains what Citizens United was really about.

32:45 – The Free Association argument in Citizens United.

34:46 – Why Mr. Booker’s “bold promise” is hollow and even deceptive.

36:49 ACTION: Defend Citizens United

Segment Three
John McCain’s parting, from a libertarian perspective

38:34 Is it wrong to discuss the record of this public figure during this passing?

43:28 Jim’s amusing personal encounter with John McCain

Segment Four
Last episode of the Post-Statist Review? 

45:42 Goodbye to Post-Statist Review

46:31 You Should Be Powerful

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