August 31, 2018

The epic END of the Post-Statist Review PODCAST?

An epic immigration segment. Trust us, you’ll want to share it! Retweet

I was a syndicated radio talk show host. I was on the air in four states. I’ve also filled-in for other talk show hosts. And I can tell you… 

Podcasting is different.

So I’m ready to do podcasting in a dynamic NEW way!

The Post-Statist Review, my first foray into podcasting, was a typical libertarian show. I’m done with typical. In this episode, I explain what’s Coming Next. HINT: You’ll be more powerful.

Please listen to Episode 6 of the Post-Statist Review.

You should enjoy the epic conversation with Perry Willis about immigration. Perry contends that for libertarians, immigration is the issue drug legalization was in the 1990s.

We open the show with this immigration interview. It deals with so many objections we hear. We’ll be referring back to this segment for years to come. And after you hear it, you’ll know why. I DARE you to listen!

Plus, we support the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. That might surprise you! This episode of the podcast features a segment recorded on the Gary Nolan where I take on presidential candidate Corey Booker. Let’s just say he’s being less than honest about Citizens United. Listen and learn something new!

And there’s a John McCain segment too.

We post each episode on the Downsize DC website.

You can listen to the podcast right on our blog. Just click Play.

Libsyn distributes the show. We hope you’ll subscribe to the podcast. This will be important to you, during the next stage of my podcasting career. Something exciting is coming.

And you’ll get new episodes FIRST if you do subscribe. You can also listen to the show on Apple, Google Play, and Stitcher.

Enjoy the podcast.

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Jim Babka
Downsize DC

P.S. The previous episode (August 17) can be found here:

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