November 12, 2018

Will the media choose what matters to you?

Make Congress end the health insurance cartel Retweet

The media controls the debate. They choose the issues. People follow along– even us. For years we tailored our messages to exploit the media mania of the moment. But that put them in charge of our strategy! Worse…

People who pressure Congress because of a current controversy aren’t committing to any long-term goals. They’re just responding to a momentary impulse. We’ll have to feed them more media-driven impulses to spark future actions. That’s a lot of work, and unlikely to achieve our distant goals. So…

We’re charting a new course.

We will…

  • Locate dormant libertarians (there are 30-60 million of them)
  • Activate at least 200,000 of them to exert daily pressure on Congress, on issues of our choosing, NOT the media’s choosing.

We think 200,000 assertive and persistent people is enough to pass good bills and defeat bad ones. We have 27,800 subscribers currently. But many were recruited using the old media-driven impulse method. They may not be ready to take “the journey” with us. So it’s up to you. Do you want to…  

If so, take action today on something important that the media isn’t talking about. We suggest our campaign to end the health insurance cartel.

The U.S. healthcare system is getting worse, not better, but the media and their mind-slaves are focused on trivial issues that benefit only themselves and the political class. Make yourself powerful. Break free from the mind control…

Tell Congress to
End the health insurance cartel

Thank you for being an ACTIVE DC Downsizer,

Perry Willis & Jim Babka
Downsize DC

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