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July 11, 2005

More-with-less Innovation: using one thing to accomplish two things

America may already be wired for broadband everywhere.

Broadband Internet access has spread rapidly, but it still hasn’t achieved universal penetration. Many states and localities have stepped in to provide tax supported funding and subsidies at great expense, but many places still lack broadband access.

But free innovation may be riding to the rescue yet again. Human freedom constantly causes human progress by finding new ways to do more-with-less, while government always seems to be accomplishing less-and-less with more-and-more.

In this case, Google and IBM are investing in ways to use power lines to carry Internet traffic. If they succeed then American will suddenly have broadband everywhere, and one-thing will have been used to accomplish two-things, at a profit. More-with-less. There will also be increased competition between broadband providers, leading to better prices and service.

It sure beats paying taxes to get broadband, or to not get it. You can read more about the power line option here.

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