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July 11, 2005

The Race: Tracking Mad Cows

Human innovation vs. government. Race over.

The federal government is spending a lot of your hard-earned tax dollars to create a system to track cows for mad cow disease. It’s going to take them another three years to have the system in place. They claim. But I would bet on longer and more money.

Meanwhile, a system created by the cattle industry may be operational as soon as January.

How did they do it? They had an incentive to do it – their interest in having people eat meat. By comparison, the incentive for government is different. It can more easily justify taking and spending more of your money when it fails, than when it succeeds. A problem solved is a problem that doesn’t need increased funding.

Now just imagine how safe and speedy security for air travel would be if we finally, at long last, took it out of the hands of government, and left the responsibility to the airlines whose reputations and fortunes are at stake. Downsizing DC means increasing Human Progress.

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