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December 9, 2014

The difference between Congress and thieves

I told Congress to pass the Read the Bills Act.


Please do the same, you may copy or edit this letter…


Here’s why we need the Read the Bills Act….


A thief probably knows how he'll spend what he steals, but Congress doesn’t. Here’s an example of what I mean…


You will have to pass another “omnibus” spending bill by December 11, in order to avoid another shutdown. But…


* As of December 8, this spending bill wasn’t even introduced.

* No one knows what will be in it, or have time to read it.


Even worse…


Those who vote AGAINST this bill will be called “obstructionists” and get blamed for a shutdown. Even though the bill will include…


* pork

* other special interest favors

* and who knows what else (you certainly don’t)


I do NOT consent ( to passing bills you haven't read!


You work for me. I insist you pass the Read the Bills Act, which will…


* force you to write shorter, simpler legislation

* give ME time to learn what's in a bill so I can send you feedback before a vote.


How can you claim to represent me if you don’t read the bills?




Send your letter using's Educate the Powerful System.


James Wilson

Policy Research Director


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