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Big Victories for Downsize DC

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .::::::In 2005, our first full year of operation, we won no victories. ::::::But 2006 has been different.

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The Last Week of the 109th Congress

The Last Week of the 109th Congress

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Tune In for guest Richard Maybury


I’m really excited about my Sunday radio show, which is co-sponsored by, because it features a special guest. 

Richard Maybury, publisher of Richard Maybury’s Early Warning Reports and author of the Uncle Eric series, will be the guest for the entire hour.

Maybury’s newsletter is primarily of interest to investors who want to know how the actions of governments around the world are going to impact their portfolios — from monetary systems to war.

I’ve been reading his last two issues and they’re incredible. I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t mean it. They’re full of sound information — packed! They’re written in plain, easy to read language. 

How should you invest in

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Congress is doing it again

We’ve seen it before. It’s happening again. Congress is about to leave town and they’re doing more damage. The Senate passed a bill we’ve been fighting. We’ll tell you more in just a moment.

But there’s lots to cover today. In this message . . .

* We’ll tell you about President Jim Babka’s regular Friday interview on Straight Talk w/ Jerry Hughes. 

* We’ll share another action item from our friends at Free Talk Live.

* On top of that, we’ll preview Jim Babka’s Sunday radio show, which will feature guest Richard Maybury.

But first, we must take action now, because our vitamins and supplements are under attack . . .

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Another Urgent Action Item!

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .::::::The end is near for one of the most spendthrift, law-breaking Congresses in the history of the Republic. But they still have a little time left for mischief and there are yet more rumblings on the grapevine of last minute criminal activity in the works.

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Urgent Action Item!

Urgent Action Item!

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November Report

Today’s Downsizer-Dispatch . . .::::::November should have been really bad for We take it as a sign of things to come that it actually turned out pretty good.

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Downsize DC Conference Call – December 3, 2006 edition

The show is attached, in mp3, below. I call it the “Jim Babka Commission” show, in faint, even damning praise of the Jim Baker Commission. ::::::The description of topics was posted on this blog on December 3 as well under the title, “No Way Out.”

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No way out

The primary topic of today’s Downsize DC Conference Call, a ONE-hour radio show hosted by Downsize DC President Jim Babka, is “no way out . . .” of Iraq, that is. On TV, they’re talking about the likely suggestions of the Jim Baker Commission. They even have clever names for the likely recommendations: “Go Big,” “Go Long,” and “Go Home.” Each of these options is plagued with huge problems and tremendous downsides. It seems like there is no way out. So what to do?

Perhaps instead of a Jim Baker Commision they need a Jim Babka Commission to tell them!

Make yourself a commission member by calling 1-800-259-9231 or emailing at “call at downsizedc dot org”

Also did you know that the government can listen to your conversations through someone else’s cell phone? Did you know that agents could be listening to you, even if the phone is off? It’s true. Jim Babka will tell you how

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Send a Letter to the Editor!

Many thanks to Gaylon Spraggs for writing to the Paducah Sun and spreading the word about Downsize DC. (We encourage all of you to do the same!). The letter was published today, and though it’s not available online, we have the original letter as it was submitted:::::::

The Repubs let conservatives down. They had their chance and they blew it. I am confident in the Democrat’s ability to keep on going down the same path as always. In a few years they will pass the power back to the Republicans and we’ll all keep going down the same path no matter who runs the show.::: :::The only solution I know of is to keep a close eye on whoever is in office and hold them accountable for their actions. Along with that is to do what I am doing now, which is sharing information. Go to . They have a refreshing approach towards how to deal with what goes on in Washington. The answer is to devolve gov’t back down to a manageable size by making our elected officials responsible for their actions. ::: :::Right now our elected officials – both Republican and Democrat spend our money on things they don’t even know they are spending our money on!Legislation is passed with page upon page of additional, unrelated laws (our liberty) or appropriations (our money) without anyone knowing what is in the entire package. Imagine going shopping with your wife and all of your kids picking up things they want without telling you. When you get to the checkout, guess what? You don’t have enough money to pay for it all!!! SURPRISE!!!! Well, you would have to put back what you can’t pay for or don’t need. Congress doesn’t. They spend our money like drunken sailors. The only difference is, drunken sailors spend their own money and they STOP SPENDING WHEN THE MONEY IS GONE!!!::: :::Thanks,:::Gaylon Spraggs


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