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If Obamacare is dead, what’s next?

Downsize DC helped kill Obamacare. Now they want to replace it Retweet Our previous message announced that…  Judge Reed O’Connor overturned Obamacare late last week. Our amicus curiae brief in Texas…

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Did Downsize DC repeal Obamacare?

Downsize DC made the winning argument! Again! The repeal Obamacare case Retweet You funded it, we did it, and the results are in — Downsize DC wins again! We and our…

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Send your December Read the Bills Act message

Downsize DC’s “Read the Bills Act” makes Congress slow down and read its bills Retweet  NOTE: Downsize DC seeks a System Administrator. See details below in the P.S. Repetition is…

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Self-change to world-change

How libertarians can compete with the Left and Right Retweet To change the world we must change ourselves in three simple ways… Realize that we’re not alone. 30-million Americans self-identify…

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Trump could admit he’s an establishment stooge, or…

Will Trump protect the people’s champion, Julian Assange? Retweet Today’s Action… Tell President Trump pardon Julian Assange Politicians and bureaucrats leak classified information when it benefits their political position. Even…

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Make the FDA advisory rather than dictatorial

If the FDA is so wonderful, why does it have to be forced on people? Retweet Today’s action: Tell Congress to… Make the FDA advisory not dictatorial Teenage vaping leads to…

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Your action needed to end the health insurance cartel

Tell Congress to end the health insurance cartel Retweet Did healthcare ever get “fixed?” Well, costs continue to rise. But the media and the politicians are focused on other things….

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NEW CAMPAIGN: Rare chance to pass a good bill in Congress!

Congress and the President are threatening to do something GOOD, for once Retweet Action: Support the FIRST STEP Act sentencing reform bill. The FIRST STEP Act has already passed the…

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