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BETA-TEST: A NEW Congressional Pressure Tool for You

Beta Test Downsize DC’s new pressure tool. Use it to push Congress. Support the Read the Bills Act – test Downsize DC’s new pressure tool Retweet Our previous message told…

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Bills passed in Congress, page counts, January 2020

The following are the bills the House and Senate passed in January 2020. The Senate passed 19 bills totaling 498 pages. The House passed 25 bills amounting to 454 pages….

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Downsize DC breaks through for you

These new breakthroughs will put you in charge of Congress. You’re about to get the most powerful Downsize DC ever Retweet This new, dynamic Downsize DC will… Include a brand…

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Trump’s “Bernie Sanders-style” trade agreement

How the new China deal shows that Trump is more Bernie Sanders than Ronald Reagan Retweet Everyone knows that Bernie Sanders is a socialist. What has been less certain is…

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Legislative report: Marilyn Monroe, Ritchie Valens, and the Read the Bills Act

Legislative report, November 2019 La Bamba, the Blonde Bombshell, the Read the Bills Act, and YOU Retweet Downsize DC provides a special service. We keep track of how many bills…

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Will we make the ONLY “freedom of the PRESS” argument in this case?

Do you have a “freedom of the PRESS” right? Our legal brief could restore to you the same free press rights the New York Times has Retweet We intend to file…

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Reject Iran war! Tell Congress & the President

You can’t get what you don’t ask for. Tell the politicians NO WAR WITH IRAN! If you reject war with Iran, you better tell Congress and the President Retweet If…

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