Trump’s “Bernie Sanders-style” trade agreement

How the new China deal shows that Trump is more Bernie Sanders than Ronald Reagan Retweet Everyone knows that Bernie Sanders is a socialist. What has been less certain is…

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President Trump should cut these taxes!

Could high tariffs plus a stock market bubble threaten prosperity? Retweet Today’s Action: Tell Congress and President Trump to adopt Downsize DC’s trade policy. Does America have a trade policy?…

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New Jim Babka PODCAST says libertarians suck!

How libertarians can win; Jim Babka explains in this podcast Retweet Wait, did Jim Babka really suggest that libertarians suck in his newest podcast? Well…  To be clear, he said…

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Do libertarians suck? PODCAST

Jim Babka’s Post-Statist Review, Episode #5: (four topics) Are the questions in the Political Conscience Test biased? Host Howard opens the mailbag and Jim responds. Then, Jim explains how libertarians suck….

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If unilateral free trade is too radical for you, try this

Ask President Trump to clarify his trade goals Retweet Last week, we launched a campaign asking for unilateral free trade. We made some powerful arguments…  So-called fair trade is a fraud…

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4 facts that turn the trade debate upside down

Some FACTS about trade eat mere OPINIONS about trade for breakfast. Retweet Do you know the answers to these questions… Which countries have the highest trade barriers?  Do countries with higher trade…

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